Around the world... the hard way...


“I am delighted to see that Ben and Natalia are attempting a journey of such complexity across the toughest and remotest parts of the world. With determination and great physical effort, I believe they can make it. They deserve to. If they do, they will be among the rare few who can claim to have completed an expedition of historic importance.”

Sir Ranulph Fiennes

A husband-and-wife team: Ben and Natalia have transformed their lives from being caught in a materialistic city life to becoming athletes strong enough to attempt to go around the world… the hard way: along the polar axis, by entirely carbon neutral means, through biking, skiing and sailing.

They aim to inspire environmental and cultural awareness as their four year journey will take them across all of the world’s climate zones, seeing the interaction between the human and natural environments throughout.

They aim to inspire awareness regarding health and lifestyle – before they started working to this expedition, Ben and Natalia were living comfortable, sedentary lives, with little attention paid to how diet, sun protection and exercise can really help make you feel better in general.

And, they also aim to inspire achievement, both as individuals and as a married couple, and show that with hard work and determination, even those most forgotten dreams can be reached…

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