Around the world... the hard way...

Towards Whale Cove

61.3871N,93.7434W=0A=0APatience is certainly a virtue in this environment. After a good couple of days when we travelled around 36km from Arviat, we have been confined to the tent in very poor weather for past days – in spite of forecasts saying getting slightly “warmer”!. It is indeed warmer today but the cold and warm weather systems have created a great area of instability, which just happens to be moving right over us at the moment…=0A=0AIn Arviat we took the opportunity to speak with people who had extensive knowledge of the ice around here and were warned of open water. However, with the weather as bad as it has been, visibility has once again been reduced to just a few metres so we didn’t want to get into a situation like we were down south when we got trapped on unstable ice – even though we were going the “right” direction. Much as it is exciting looking back over the past few weeks and the close shaves we had, it is best not repeating them: this is an unforgiving environment and not the type of place where you want things to go wrong. When they do go wrong, it can go really wrong!=0A=0AThe forecast indicates things setting down now for next week or so. Here’s hoping! The good news is that we are both well and healthy, our skin is in great condition, and we are excited about getting closer to the next big point on the map, Whale Cove!

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