Around the world... the hard way...

Closer to Whale Cove

61.6592N,93.4409W=0A=0AAfter three days of blizzards and whiteouts, it was good to get out of the tent again a couple of days ago. The snow that had fallen though really did make life tough – a good deep layer to pull out pulks through made us pleased to travel 15km on Saturday. =0A=0AOur bodies really did ache at the end of that day – our shoulders and ankles particularly feeling a lot of the strain. We had to stop slightly earlier than normal simply because we were wasting so much energy trying to go forward with little return, and it just hurt. Yesterday, Sunday, was much better though. The snow had compacted a little so there wasn’t so much resistance to the pulks and our shoulders and ankles felt a lot better – a mixture of painkillers and Cetaphil creams to soothe the skin really did the trick! =0A=0ASo now, we are about half way between Arviat and Whale Cove. Hopefully the weather holds out and stays good. We won’t really stop long in Whale Cove – just pick up some supplies and continue onwards to Rankin Inlet.

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