Around the world... the hard way...

A look back in numbers…

It was strange getting into Rankin Inlet. We had our final fantastic day of skiing, beating our record for distance in less than pleasant conditions. But once we arrived, it took a while to settle in that we wouldn’t be skiing any more, for now at least. We would soon be leaving the world of white to head back south to warmer climes… we hadn’t seen grass for around six months as everything had been covered. The warmest we had experienced was around 3C when we skied into Whale Cove. But it is what it is! Hopefully, we will be able to head back soon to continue from Rankin northwards: we weren’t able to get as far north as we wanted this time principally, due to the delays caused by the equipment failures but we were able to make the progress required to have a good shot of reaching the end

Here is a little look back at the last few months in numbers:

Distance Cycled: 1,100km
Distance Skied: 800km
Furthest travelled on skis in one day: 23.5km
Furthest travelled on bike in one day: 85km
Sunrise/Sunset times at start: 8:22am / 4:28pm
Sunrise/Sunset times at end: 4:31am / 9:40pm

Maximum weight of packed sleds: 95kg each
Minimum weight of packed sleds: 45kg each
Lowest temperature: -53C
Highest temperature: 3C
Strongest winds travelled through: 60-80kph headwinds
Strongest winds camped in/slept through: 100-120kph
Longest blizzard: 3 days
Number of very scary moments: 1 – walking on thin ice…

Total number of days travelling: 145
Number of packets of Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths used: 40
Number of days stayed in tent: 123
Number of days stayed in a cabin: 2
Number of days stayed in a house: 20
Number of days with no travel due to weather: 11
Number of whiteout days: 17

Number of Polar Bears seen: ZERO (thankfully!! Not even prints)
Number of Arctic Foxes seen: 3 (hundreds of paw prints though!)
Number of Caribou spotted: 65
Number of Arctic Hares seen: 2
Number of Seals seen: 23
Wolverines..?: One set of paw prints

Getting ready to head up north from the US border

Soothing the skin at the end of a long day!

Tired after a long day on the ice

Celebrating at the end

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